Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School offers a wide array of clubs and activities that students can join and participate in.

The administration, faculty and staff of Msgr. McClancy Memorial High school encourage our students to become involved in school clubs and activities throughout their high school years. These high school years are some of the more formative years in your life. It is important to take advantage of what the school has to offer.

The students who are involved in clubs and activities have a chance to learn new skills and/or master the skills they already possess. These clubs and activities are held in a more relaxed environment than in the classroom. The students have a chance to develop an excellent rapport with their teachers.

We as a school, through our experience, notice that the students who are involved in clubs and activities have a tendency to better enjoy their days, months and years. These students seem to be more motivated in the classroom and look forward to something they enjoy at the end of each school day.

The students also have a chance to become acquainted with other classmates. They will meet other students who may have similar interests. The students have an opportunity to better understand and appreciate their classmates where new friendships can develop. These friendships can last a lifetime.

As you can see, there are many wonderful benefits in becoming involved in your school. So, do not hesitate and listen to the 7th period announcements. These announcements will tell you where/when these clubs and activities will take place. Good Luck!

Go Crusaders!