Regents / School Diploma

A Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School diploma is awarded to a student who has successfully completed 4 years of study and who has met each of the following requirements of Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School and the New York State Board of Education:

English – 4 credits
Religious Studies – 4 credits
Social Studies – 4 credits (Global Studies 1 &2, American History, Government & Economics)
Science – 3 credits (Biology, 2nd Lab Science)
Mathematics – 3 credits
Foreign Languages – 2 credits (Spanish or Italian)
Fine Arts – 1 credit (Studio Art, Art History)
Music – 1 credit (Band, Music, Choral)
Health,  – 1/2 credit
Physical Education- 2 credits (1/2 credit each year for 4 years)

Regents Exams Required for all Students

Global History and Geography
U.S. History/Government
One Math (Algebra, Geometry or Algebra 2/Trigonometry)
One Lab Science

Advanced Regents Diploma

Other Regents exams and classes required (*with Honors)
65 or better in these exams

Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II
Global History and Geography
U.S. History and Government
Living Environment and only one of Earth Science, Chemistry or Physics
3 credits of World Language Followed by Locally Administrated exam**
*Must have over a 90 average on all the above regents exams.
** Students who pursue a qualified 5 unit sequence in Art or Music may substitute that sequence for the World Language requirement.