Ms. Tisha Agnes

Photo of Ms. Tisha Agnes
Humanities Faculty

Mrs. Nicole Alexis-Kane

Photo of Mrs. Nicole Alexis-Kane
Librarian, Humanities Faculty

Ms. Angela Antenen

Photo of Ms. Angela Antenen
Main Office Secretary

Ms. Josephine Arminio

Photo of Ms. Josephine Arminio
Humanities Faculty

Mrs. Milena Bautista-Tomala

Photo of Mrs. Milena Bautista-Tomala
Guidance Counselor

Br. Lucien Blain , sc

Photo of Br. Lucien Blain sc
Main Office Assistant

Mr. Adam Brunengo , ’04

Photo of Mr. Adam Brunengo ’04
Humanities Faculty

Mr. Vincenzo Cangemi

Photo of Mr. Vincenzo Cangemi
Humanities Faculty

Mr. James Carey

Photo of Mr. James Carey
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. MaryPat Chuber

Photo of Mrs. MaryPat Chuber
Humanities Faculty

Mr. Patrick Civitano , ’96

Photo of Mr. Patrick Civitano ’96
Director of Advancement

Mrs. Deanna Cloonen

Photo of Mrs. Deanna Cloonen
Humanities Faculty

Ms. Samantha Colon , ’16

Photo of Ms. Samantha Colon ’16
Humanities Faculty

Br. Robert Connolly , sc

Photo of Br. Robert Connolly sc
Campus Store Coordinator

Mr. Raffaele Corso

Photo of Mr. Raffaele Corso
Humanities Faculty

Br. Brian Curry , sc

Photo of Br. Brian Curry sc
Guidance Counselor

Ms. Deanna Danke

Photo of Ms. Deanna Danke
Humanities and STEAM Faculty