law clubBy definition, Jurisprudence is the scientific and philosophical study of law. Under this guiding principle, the McClancy Law Club strives to instill in its members a keen appreciation for the practice of the law as well as their numerous social, economic, and practical applications in the world around us. In past years, the McClancy Law Club has organized numerous activities to enlighten its members on the necessity of law, its preeminent purpose to maintain order, and the approach in which the law is judiciously carried out. Such activities have included popular events like the McClancy Law Day at St. John’s University, trips to local courthouses and attorney offices, the organization of mock trials, and engagement in lively bi-monthly debates concerning the practical issues of the law in contemporary settings. Prior topics of such debates have ranged from matters of foreign and domestic policies to everyday issues the students themselves have encountered. In following with the practice of fair and judicial treatment, a crucial component of these debates has been that every member of the club has had a say in each issue.

Moderator: Mr. Daniel McNally