The purpose of the Italian Culture Club is to promote the knowledge of the country of Italy, it’s customs, people, traditions and etc. Membership consists of students from Freshman to Senior year.

Meetings are held every other week on a day selected by the club during the first meeting. Members who miss two (2) or more meetings will have their frequent absences brought to their attention and face the possibility of having their membership discontinued.

The Italian Culture Club moderator may call special meetings when necessary. Members must take an active part in the meetings and activities in order to earn the Italian Culture Club acknowledgement at the end of the year.

The Responsibilities of members include attending special meetings when necessary; be present at all meetings when decisions are to be made or activities to be organized; must participate in exhibits and activities related to the Club. Members are also expected to share ideas and put time and effort into bringing ideas and activities into fruition.

On all public announcements, displays, newspaper articles, etc., the names of all Italian Club members shall be listed. All material that will be used for the Club’s publicity must be shown to the moderator.

Moderator: Ms. Josephine Arminio