Catholic high schools in the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese use student results from the TACHS exam as well as 6th, 7th and 8th grade report cards as the criteria for academic scholarships and admission into their schools. Monsignor McClancy offers a TACHS Preparation Course each Fall to give potential students an opportunity to prepare for the TACHS exam. This course is offered to 8th graders and taught by our experienced Math and English faculty members. The course consists of math, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills as well as test taking strategies.

Registration is now OPEN. Seats are limited, so please register early.

Traditionally, the course would take place on 7 Saturday mornings.  With the official announcement that the 2022 TACHS Exam will be administered electronically from your home once again, we will be incorporating remote learning as well as in-person instruction. Our course will be a balance between remote sessions which will include live instruction using video conferencing tools and a traditional in-person model. EVERY STUDENT WILL PARTICIPATE IN REMOTE AND IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION!

The sessions will be 90 minutes, 2 days a week: Wednesdays 5-6:35 p.m. and Saturdays 9-10:35 a.m. Each session is broken up into a 45-minute Math class and a 45-minute English class. (5-minute break between each class) Wednesday evenings will be remote, and Saturdays will be in-person. More information and directions will be provided upon registration.

More Information with Upcoming Dates TBA

All registration materials may be obtained from a Catholic elementary or high school, religious education office, parish/church or various public elementary schools

Please list the address you will be living at during the last two weeks of October when the Admit Cards are mailed. After that time, address changes can be made on the day of testing to assure that score reports are mailed to the correct location

School code numbers are listed in the Student Handbook. If your school is not listed in the handbook, please list the school code as 999.

The score reports for the Diocese office and Catholic high schools will ship the week of TBA. Score reports for the Catholic elementary schools and public, private, or non-diocesan students will ship TBA.

Both the results of the TACHS and the Applicant Record from the student’s school are used for high school selection. Please contact your high school directly for additional questions related to admission.