Along with interest in and care for each of our students, the Guidance Department serves the school community through personal, academic, and peer counseling and various programs, some of which are listed here:

Freshman Program Goals:

Transition to high school and to
the Msgr. McClancy Community;

Understanding and Evaluation of
Individual Learning Styles;

Sophomore Program Goals:

Beginning Career
Discernment and Education;

Importance of Extra-Curricular and
Volunteer Service Activities;

Junior Program Goals:

PSAT and SAT Preparation,
College Choice and
Financial Aid Information;

Senior Program Goals:

College Choice and
Preparation for
Transition to College.

Special Programs:

PSAT Testing for Freshmen (practice), Sophomores, and Juniors
Learning Style Test for Freshman
Career Inventory for Sophomores
College Fair for Juniors
College Night for Junior Parents
College View Program for Juniors and Seniors
Financial Aid Night for Juniors and Seniors
Senior Level College and University Visits and Interviews
Internet Programs for College, Career, and How to Study

Academic Placement

Students are encouraged to plan their entire four-year program, at least tentatively, by using these materials along with the Course Description Booklet.

Course Registration Instruction Sheets for Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and Incoming Freshmen for Next Year.

Registration for current students for the following year is usually done in early March. At that time you will receive a course booklet, a registration instruction sheet and a registration sheet. Listed on this page are practice registration instruction sheets for each level. They may be slightly different from the actual sheet. Use these sheets as practice sheets, but on registration day, hand in the color-coded registration sheets. Freshmen are scheduled by the School Administration for 8 periods including lunch. There are two major programs, Honors and College Prep. During the Spring Orientation, parental input is requested regarding placement and language choice for freshmen. There is no formal process for freshmen other than this.

Registration for College Credit Courses is done separately in September.