Mission Statement

Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School, guided by the traditions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in partnership with the family, provides young people a high quality Catholic education in a safe environment, ”a sanctuary,” where each student is known, valued, and treasured, in order to meet the challenges of life in our rapidly changing world.

Belief Statement

The Belief Statements emanate from the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and from the philosophy and mission. These belief statements guide the daily life of the school.

Spiritual Objectives:

We believe that…

  • we proclaim Jesus, His person, His word, His teachings as He revealed them to us through Sacred Scripture and through the traditions of the living community of believers;
  • we allow students to become more open to God’s Spirit working in their lives;
  • we proclaim the infinite love of God for each of us;
  • we witness to the infinite value of the human person;
  • we enable the student’s life to be more conscious, living and active in all aspects of their life;
  • we become examples for each other of what it means to live Christian love;
  • we provide the student an opportunity for growth in their personal prayers and for participating in the sacramental life of the community of believers;
  • we encourage the student to serve those in need, both within and without their family;
  • we aid the student in making personal these Christian values which will enable the individual to grow toward mature Christian adulthood;
  • we witness to students of all faiths that they are children of God and deserve to attain fullness and happiness.

Academic Objectives:

We believe that…

  • we provide a well-rounded curriculum to prepare the students for college or further education;
  • we provide for proficiency in using fundamental tools of learning;
  • we develop skills of critical thinking;
  • we provide for an appreciation of beauty as seen in nature, humanity and its works;
  • we offer courses that meet the needs of the student;
  • we encourage each student to learn and to perform to his fullest potential.

Social Objectives:

We believe that…

  • we support extra-curricular and social activities;
  • we provide an opportunity for students to acquire such qualities as concern, self-sacrifice, sensitivity, and cooperation within the school community;
  • we develop and teach the student to accept the responsibilities and obligations of good citizenship;
  • we provide opportunities for the individual to serve others;
  • we foster an appreciation of peoples of different races and cultures;
  • we are open to the needs of the local community.

Emotional Objectives:

We believe that…

  • we acknowledge the reality that the effective life of each student is important, and to guarantee adequate and serious consideration in this area;
  • we aid in the development of self-discipline and responsible behavior;
  • we foster a realistic, confident and mature sense of self-worth.

Physical Objectives:

We believe that…

  • we develop attitudes of good health, to promote a sound body and an appreciation of one’s physical being;
  • we provide an extensive athletic program;
  • we encourage sportsmanship and self-discipline in mind and body.