Walkathon 2023

Congratulations and thank you to the entire school community for the effort they put forth to make our 2023 Walkathon a huge success!

Starting on, Friday November 3rd the top 20 students on each grade level will have casual dress day on Friday’s for the rest of the school year. Student names will be posted later today.

Congratulations to the following students for winning prizes…

The students who secured $200 or more in donations were entered into a raffle to win gift certificates for McClancy Apparel in the Campus Store.

The winners are:

  1. Gabrielle Mills (J303)
  2. Kiran Patan (J304)
  3. Jamie Calle (J300)
  4. Nicole Panarese (J303)
  5. Brandon DeLeon (G103)
  6. Daniella Tenaglia (S311)
  7. Mariana Sarmiento (F211)
  8. Vincent Cervello (S307)
  9. Lucas Penn (J304)
  10. Isabella Vega (F212)

The students who secured $350 or more in donations were entered into a raffle to win a BEST BUY Gift Card.

The winners are:

  1. George Lemodetis (J302)
  2. Matthew Amatulli (G102)
  3. Josh Sands (F211)
  4. Anya Barbitsch (S306)
  5. Robert Wolejsza (J305
  6. Oisin Sweeney (F212)

The top three fundraisers in each grade level will receive a gift cards.


  1. Reese Camilleri
  2. Mariana Sarmiento
  3. Chase Franjola


  1. Kenneth Gallagher
  2. Nicholas DiVittorio
  3. Anya Barbitsch


  1. Jessica Patino Londono
  2. Brianna DeCastro and George Lemodetis
  3. Brendan Fennelly


  1. Daniella Velez
  2. Kylie Grabler
  3. Juliette DiVittorio

The Top Senior for the parking spot in the School Parking Lot is: Daniella Velez.

The top student in the school will receive the grand prize of $2,500 reduction in tuition and the winner is: Reese Camilleri

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