Msgr. McClancy STEAM Program Awarded the Catholic School New York State Executive Leadership Award

The Msgr. McClancy Memorial HS STEAM program was awarded the Catholic School New York State Executive Leadership Award for 2019. The Fordham University Graduate School of Education Center for Catholic School Leadership presented this award to Monsignor McClancy, as a member of the Diocese of Brooklyn, in recognition of an outstanding STEM program on May 29, 2019.

Msgr. McClancy is a proud grant recipient allowing us to become a Monarch Watch waystation due to the fine work of our AP Environmental Science class. Monarch Watch is a raise, tag and release program that tracks the migration of Monarch butterflies through to Mexico, where scientists record migration and population data. We are proud to have had one of our releases recorded on the 2019 migration data spreadsheet.

Our freshman and senior students worked with Trout Unlimited to create the first STEM Fireside Chat, which can be found on their youtube channel. Our students created the interview questions and conducted said interview with Trout Unlimited Senior Scientist and Biologist, Helen Neville. We have been a part of the Trout in the Classroom program for 6 years, and are proud to partner with TU and the NYC DEP for this exciting STEAM program.

Our art and science departments have completed work on a 3-D printed prosthetic device, which can be used by a limbless child, is part of a world-wide effort to use 3D printers for humanitarian purposes. The prototype, built by students with the help of the 3-D art teacher Mr. Savoca and McClancy graduate and NYCC engineering student, Juliana Zglardic, will be featured on NET TV – Catholic TV from the Diocese of Brooklyn in an upcoming STEM feature.

Our Math and Science departments are working with NASA and GLOBE on their Trees, Cloud and Landscapes programs. The NASA created apps make it fun and interesting to learn about how technology, math and science work together out in the field and in STEAM careers.