Fritz Voltaire ’93

2008 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

Fritz grew up in Jamaica, Queens and attended St. Clement Pope Grammar School.  Fritz chose to attend Msgr. McClancy with the encouragement of his brother and St. Clement track teammates who were due to attend.  During his freshman year at McClancy, Fritz had not materialized into the track athlete he hoped to be and was advised by then freshman coach Mr. Clark to quit and try to find a sport that would fit him.

Before the summer break, Fritz was encouraged by Hall of Fame coach Jim Carey to practice hard throughout the summer and to be ready for the following year’s Junior Varsity Track Team.  Fritz came back his sophomore year to claim the second best time on the McClancy All-Time sophomore 400 meters list and along with his brother, Esparo, set sophomore records in the 1600m relay and the SMR relay.  When he joined the Varsity team later that year, Fritz proceeded to score in the 1600m relay and contributed towards winning the City championship.  Fritz went on to be a major contributor in several Brooklyn/Queens and City Championships, becoming champion in the 300m, 400m, 400 intermediate hurdles, 800m relay, and 1600m relay.

Fritz graduated with a full scholarship to the University of New Haven where he continued to compete in the 400 and 400 IH.  He then transferred to St. Francis College.

Fritz now lives in Florida with his daughters whom he hopes will one day follow in his track footsteps.  He is currently employed as the manager for a leading Vitamin Supplement company.