Carl Scarabelli ’62


Carl Scarabelli grew up in Astoria and was raised in a typical Italian household by a loving father and mother. Carl and his brother Victor shared their parent’s home with their maternal grandparents. His father worked hard seven days a week as a chef. Carl says that growing up in New York was a wonderful experience, and he regularly communicates with friends he has known all of his life.

Carl started at McClancy in 1958. It was a sacrifice his parents made to be sure that he got a good education. At the end of his sophomore year, McClancy started a track team with Harry Howell as coach. Harry was a wonderful mentor and a great role model. With his encouragement, Carl had the first of his “life changing” experiences. He learned the importance of motivation, self-discipline, goal-setting, and hard work. Thankfully, Carl was blessed with enough talent to overachieve on the track. His high school years prepared him for the next step, and made it possible for him to win a track scholarship to Furman University.

Greenville, South Carolina, the Deep South according to Carl, took a couple of years getting used to. The culture was so different from New York. People talked and dressed differently. Everyone could take on look at Carl and know that he was an import. However, he grew to enjoy living there and the people there got used to seeing him. He ended up marrying and raising five wonderful children, Laura, Andrea, Michael, Karen, and Matthew. He is now married to his wonderful wife, Gloria, his best friend.

After serving in the Navy during the Vietnam era, Carl started a career in Sales. This began his second “life changing” experience. He met his business mentor, Ray Joseph. Ray helped Carl shape his successful sales career which has spanned close to forty years and is still going strong.

Currently, Carl sells software to major Fortune 1000 companies. Also, he is a shareholder in Stocked Stream, an innovative software company. He is the sales guy, his partner, Larry Wilk, is the genius who solves business problems with technology. Stocked Stream will be the vehicle to keep his hands in sales as he begins to go into retirement.

His dream for retirement is three things: to play golf, to travel, and to give back. He started “giving back” several years ago with a talk to McClancy seniors entitled, “What it takes to be successful in the 21st century“. He wants those young men to hear from someone who has walked the same halls, how to look for purpose and direction in life.

McClancy has been an important part of Carl’s life and has provided him with a moral and religious foundation that has served him well since graduating 45 years ago. Carl feels humbled and honored to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.