Mathematics Philosophy

The Mathematics Department of Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School encourages the students to understand the developmental process needed to learn relationships between the skills and techniques of mathematics and their uses in other subject areas, especially the sciences. Our philosophy is to help the students overcome their fears of math and to increase their appreciation of its logic and usefulness in their daily life.

We strive to see that each student leaves Monsignor McClancy with enough mathematical skills for their college foundation, as well as to complete their college requirements in the program of their choice, even if it is a non-mathematics program. We endeavor to help the students choose a program for which they have been prepared and at which they can succeed.

Mathematics Objectives

  • To educate each student in a well rounded sense by providing a general curriculum that meets the needs and desires of our students and that provides them with a solid foundation in mathematics.
  • To provide enrichment in order to allow students to reach their full potential and/or become aware of their weaknesses.
  • To provide for the proficiency in the basic tools of learning mathematics: calculating, reading, methods of proofs, and analysis.
  • To stress the importance of learning mathematics through understanding and logical thinking.
  • To provide our students with the appreciation of the value of mathematics in our world today by demonstrating its interrelationship with other disciplines.
  • To emphasize and reinforce the fundamental concepts of the New York State Mathematics Regents curriculum.
  • To recognize the needs of the student to have teacher/peer tutorials.


Grade 9

  • Algebra I*
  • Honors Algebra I*

Grade 10

  • Geometry*
  • Honors Geometry*

Grade 11

  • Algebra II
  • Honors Algebra II*


  • Advanced Algebra
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus (College Credit)
  • Probability & Statistics

*Students will take a New York State Regents Examination at the conclusion of the courses.