The Fine Arts Department of Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School seeks to ignite in students the creative spark which animates our world. Art and Music are universal languages which can transport our students across time, cultures, and barriers. Through study of both the history and relevant technical skills, students gain, not only, an appreciation for the art and music around them, but can contribute to artistic discourse in meaningful ways. Our Fine Arts program has been cited and featured for innovation and works daily to evolve to meet the needs of today.

A thorough education in the arts allows our students to ain greater insight into other subject areas and life as well. Cross-curricular studies are an essential component of education in the arts and the Fine Arts Department strives to make these connections through various projects, lessons, and activities. Course offerings and materials are designed to provide both a creative outlet and practical skills, which students may carry into future career paths.

Proud member of NYSSMA – The New York State Scholastic Music Association

Our Music Program offers students a foundation in the fundamentals of music history, theory, and practice. Students who show an interest in playing instruments have an outlet in either Instrumental Band or Percussion; both of which offer students the chance to practice and grow as budding musicians.

Our Choral program works to bring students together in song. Taught the fundamentals of music theory and choral singing, these students provide a service to our school community. Their talents are showcased at all school masses and enrich the spirituality of McClancy through song. Performances outside of school allow for students to gain firsthand experience, build confidence, and refine their vocal abilities.

The Dramatic and Performing Arts are another vital component in the development of students here at McClancy. Through Creative Communications, we offer our students the chance to develop their skills as writers, actors, and public speakers. Film offers students the chance to apply visual arts with literary devices. Our students study the roles and development of cinematography and are able to analyze the impact music, visual effects, and writing play in the development of a work of film. Additionally, the Tyros Dramatic Society, although extracurricular, works hand in hand with the Art Department to teach students vital career-readying skills such as sound design, lighting and set design. Choreography, orchestra, acting, and singing are all showcased in Broadway-quality productions through which students gain incredible experience and memories.

Fine Arts Objectives

  • To provide students with an understanding of the history of art and make connections to aspects of our daily life.
  • To provide students a working knowledge of art elements and principles, their functions, not simply through instruction, but through application.
  • To provide students with the tools to analyze, contextualize, and discuss themes and techniques in various genres and styles of art.
  • Create course material which is relevant to the times and interests of our students and will prepare them as expressive citizens.
  • To encourage in our students the innate need to express themselves in interesting and emotionally intelligent ways.
  • To encourage our students to engage with the vibrant art scene which surrounds them and impacts the way in which they see the world.
  • To offer our students the chance to critique and be critiqued, gaining the chance to hear diverse and respectful opinions.
  • To illustrate to students the meaningful ways in which the arts allow for deeper connection to their faith.
  • To have students engage in projects which are beneficial, not only to the development of the student, but to the greater community.
  • To prepare them to engage with advanced level art courses in college and prepare portfolios which showcase their personal talents.

Courses Offered:

9th Grade:
Chorus (Available all four years)
Instrumental Band (Available all four years)
Music Appreciation
Studio Art I

11th Grade:
Music History
Studio Art II

Drawing and Painting
Three-Dimensional Design
Commercial Art
Advanced Studio Art
Film Studies
Creative Communications