International Student Trip 2024

Trip to RomeAfter a near four-year hiatus, Ms. Colon and a group of chaperones took over 100 students on an educational adventure to England, France and Italy! On the first day of Easter Break, McClancy students and sixteen faculty members embarked on a journey to London, England.
Shortly after they traveled by Eurostar to Paris, France. Followed by a quick flight to Milan that brought them to the last leg of their journey. After a quick stay in Milan, students traveled by bus to Florence and lastly, Rome. This journey consisted of sophomores, juniors and seniors that made the McClancy community immensely proud by demonstrating their maturity, responsibility, and resilience to overcome the various challenges that arise while traveling. This tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that included authentic meals based on the region we were in, fun activities, and moments of reflection for personal growth and beyond. While abroad, we focused on the Charism of The Brother’s of the Sacred Heart with a focus on cultural impact and the vast world around us.
This trip was organized by Ms. Colon, Mr. Miden, and Mrs. Madej and run by EF Tours. EF tours is a travel company that specializes in educational group travel. Participants of the yearly adventure are greatly impacted as individuals and members of society, and often come back with new realizations and outlooks on the world around them. Ms. Colon shares, “If we can impact the way one student views the world and open their eyes to the vast variety of cultures surrounding us, we have made a difference.”
Stay tuned for future tours and updates on our travel program!