Chris Tavantzis, Class of 2011

My favorite memories from McClancy are the friends and experiences, especially through playing basketball and soccer during my four years there. One of my most memorable is in 2011, when our soccer team won the City Championship for the first time in many years, bringing the pride back to McClancy Soccer. The challenges and adversity we faced during that season helped me become a better athlete and better person. We always had a great basketball team, from my Freshman to Senior year and many players continued on to have great college careers. I was honored when Coach Kent named me as a co-captain my senior year, a responsibility I cherished and appreciated. Sports were very important to me because it helped to keep me focused on my academics and in life. It installed values of hard work and dedication.

Once piece of advice I would like to leave with the current students is:

Who you surround yourself with is who you become

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