Social Studies Philosophy

The Social Studies Department of Msgr. McClancy High School, as part of a college preparatory institution, and in compliance with the syllabus requirements of New York State, seeks to impart to our students a rich social studies program over four years.

We strive to have our students understand the great diversity of people and cultures that make up our world; to emphasize how small our world is and to appreciate the difference in peoples and cultures and religions – not only to tolerate but to see the intrinsic worth and richness of other cultures.

Our instructions are designed to instill in our students a deep history of our nation, the struggle for independence and our constitution, the cornerstone of our democracy; a love and respect for our country and our proud history which is their inheritance.

We seek to teach our students an understanding of our government so that our students can take their place as responsible citizens of our country with a deep understanding for their rights and obligations; also an understanding of the way that nations around the world govern themselves.

We wish to impart on our students an understanding of economic theories that they might appreciate how the American economy works and how other nations conduct their economy.
Our overriding goal is to graduate a student who will be a good citizen, a productive member of society and a student who will always be guided by strong Christian beliefs that we seek to impart in all of our students in all our countries.

Social Studies Objectives

  • To teach our students the history of foreign countries, United States history, and the government and economy of the United States.
  • To track our student on the first three years into a college preparatory or an honors/advanced placement track so that each student might succeed to the best of their ability.
  • To graduate young men who will take their place as responsible citizens.
  • To foster reading and writing skills and develop skills of critical thinking.
  • To provide an atmosphere of learning and example that will encourage each student to learn and to perform to his fullest potential.

Business Education Philosophy

The Business Education Department of Msgr. McClancy High School, as part of a college preparatory institution, seeks to offer institutional programs for and about business for all students of according to their needs and interests. Instruction has a primary goal for the development of the economic literacy of our students. Recognizing that our school is a college preparatory institution where an increasing number of our graduates major in a business curriculum in college, our instruction is aimed at students who plan to pursue programs requiring post-secondary and higher education in the field of business.

This department endeavors to accept all students into the business education department at their individual level of skill and stimulate them to achieve business skills with personal economic competence and to provide courses and experiences which will equip students with the foundational knowledge about business enterprise, personal economics, money and banking, law, etc. while at the same time, strengthening their basic reading, writing, mathematical, and interpersonal skills.

Business Education Objectives

  • To prepare students with basic business skills which will enable them to succeed in business curriculum courses in college.
  • To graduate students who are able to interpret economic issues which
    effect them and to manage their economic affairs efficiently and wisely.
  • To develop in our students an economic understanding of how the business system operates and of the importance of wise consumerism.
  • To assist in establishing in students an awareness of personal interest and capabilities for purposes of career planning.
  • To develop skills of critical thinking: the ability to think logically, to organize knowledge, to analyze and to correlate information, and to apply concepts to new situations.
  • To create and expand new and updated course offerings so that our business curriculum will be flexible and sensitive to change and reflect the needs of our students.
  • To provide an atmosphere of learning and example that will encourage each student to learn and to perform to the students’ fullest potential.


Grade 9

  • Glocal Studies I
  • Honore Global Studies II

Grade 10 

  • Global Studies II*
  • AP European History*

Grade 11

  • American History*
  • AP U.S. History*

Grade 12

  • Civics
  • AP U.S. Politics & Government


  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Geography (College Credit)
  • History Lab
  • Jornalism

*Students will take a New York State Regents examination at the conclusion of the course