Mr. Robert Mongiori

Photo of Mr. Robert Mongiori
Humanities Faculty

Mrs. Roseann Moran

Photo of Mrs. Roseann Moran
Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Ms. Melissa Morrice

Photo of Ms. Melissa Morrice
STEAM Faculty

Mr. Sean O’Connell ’13

Photo of Mr. Sean O’Connell ’13
Humanities Faculty

Mr. Gerard O’Riordan ’90

Photo of Mr. Gerard O’Riordan ’90
Humanities Faculty

Mr. Anthony Olszewski ’01

Photo of Mr. Anthony Olszewski ’01
Admissions Director in the Advancement Office

Mr. James Olszewski ’07

Photo of Mr. James Olszewski ’07
Humanities Coordinator, Humanities Faculty & Textbook 

Mr. Thomas Pinto

Photo of Mr. Thomas Pinto
STEAM Faculty

Ms. Frances Rocco

Photo of Ms. Frances Rocco
Assistant Director for Tuition & Finance

Ms. Margaret Rocco

Photo of Ms. Margaret Rocco
Administrative Assistant to the President & Admissions Coordinator

Ms. Renil Salaun

Photo of Ms. Renil Salaun
Guidance Office Secretary

Ms. Deanna Savino

Photo of Ms. Deanna Savino
Humanities Faculty

Br. Matthew Scanlon sc

Photo of Br. Matthew Scanlon sc
Café Supervision

Mrs. Susan Schook

Photo of Mrs. Susan Schook
Assistant to Director of Advancement, Alumni/Development

Mrs. Emilia Sciame-Doddato

Photo of Mrs. Emilia Sciame-Doddato
Humanities Teacher & Director of Campus Ministry

Ms Sarah Sheehan R.N.

Photo of Ms Sarah Sheehan R.N.
School Nurse

Mr. Balwan Singh

Photo of Mr. Balwan Singh
STEAM Faculty

Ms. Ann Smith

Photo of Ms. Ann Smith
STEAM Coordinator & STEAM Faculty