Mr. John DiLorenzo

No Photo Available
Custodial Engineer

Br. John Dunbar sc

Photo of Br. John Dunbar sc
Media Center Supervisor

Mr. Shane Fallon

No Photo Available
Faculty, Science Department

Mrs. Jennifer Garcia Goldberg

Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Garcia Goldberg
Faculty, Modern World Language Department, Spanish

Mrs. Michelle Giocastro

Photo of Mrs. Michelle Giocastro
Assistant Director for Finance & Tuition

Ms. Lauren Guerrerio

Photo of Ms. Lauren Guerrerio
Guidance Counselor

Br. John Hebert sc

No Photo Available
Campus Ministry

Ms. Leah Hernandez

Photo of Ms. Leah Hernandez
Faculty, Physical Education Department, Physical Education

Mrs. Joan Higgins

No Photo Available
Cafeteria Manager

Br. Joseph Holthaus sc

Photo of Br. Joseph Holthaus sc
Associate Director of Advancement

Mr. Thomas Hopkins

Photo of Mr. Thomas Hopkins
Faculty, Mathematics/Computer Science Department

Mrs. Jill Infante-Colgan

Photo of Mrs. Jill Infante-Colgan
Technology Coordinator, Computer Science Department

Mr. Vincenzo Insingo

Photo of Mr. Vincenzo Insingo
Assistant Principal for Academics and Supervision

Mr. Thomas King

Photo of Mr. Thomas King
Faculty, Religious Education Department

Br. Paul Joseph Lafonte sc

Photo of Br. Paul Joseph Lafonte sc
Faculty, Mathematics/Computer Science & Science Department

Mr. Mario Massa

No Photo Available
Evening Custodial Engineer

Mr. Daniel McNally ’94

Photo of Mr. Daniel McNally ’94
Faculty, English Department

Mr. Matthew McNally

No Photo Available
Faculty, English Department

Mr. Nicholas Melito ’76

Photo of Mr. Nicholas Melito ’76
Assistant to the President, Admissions & Facility Director Admissions Office

Mrs. Margarita Mendoza

Photo of Mrs. Margarita Mendoza
Main Office Secretary